Iconnect Global holds the first African Meetup.

IConnect Global hosted the ICON Africa Meetup 1.0 on the 13th of February, 2020 from 5:30pm to 8:30pm (EAT), bringing together developers interested in working on solutions on the ICON network. The event focused on real-world solutions that can be built on the ICON network to solve problems especially on the continent.

In this regard, the area of focus was a supply chain solution. We delved into the magnitude of the problem facing farmers and transport and logistics companies along the supply chain, and explored how a solution can be structured to solve the challenges.

Having worked on related solutions on other technologies and networks e.g EOS, Ethereum, and Hyperledger, the developers raised pertinent questions and brainstormed over ways of transcending the challenges that were expected to arise.

Following the event, the Iconnect Global team is preparing to work on a supply chain solution that incorporates a micro-credit lending system built with the African smallholder farmer in mind. We intend to release the detailed report in the next two weeks.

After the meetup, the excitement that is building in the developer community in Nairobi has created a ripple that we expect will boost the community support and push out the ICON brand even further.

In subsequent meetups, we shall be bringing in more players in the ecosystem including entrepreneurs, legal experts, corporate and government players, among others. We see ICON growing organically in the continent to serve diverse groups by offering solutions that are robust.

Having served as the only P-Rep from the African continent for a couple of months, we recognize that we ought to offer inclusive representation. We therefore shall be changing our look to reflect this premise. During the meetup, we felt the reflection of diversity that we are now excited to reflect.

We are grateful for the support from the community and the ICON foundation, and are excited to forge forward together. ICON’s goal of hyperconnecting the world is within our reach.