ICON’s DeFi ecosystem blooms with the introduction of ICONFi, a solution that aims to make crypto simple for the beginner:

ICONLOOP’s Decentralized ID service offers ‘Zzeung’ for free for use in financial applications:

The ICON Community Grant Program transitions fully to the Contribution Proposal System (CPS) as of 1st December…

Great news to developers as the Gangnam Testnet is released. The Gangnam Testnet enables Java SCORE and is live for you to write an deploy code:

Here’s a quick report on how the ICON grant has been spent on community building, Project Nebula and cross-chain De-Fi:

Join the conversation around the ecosystem on LunarCRUSH featuring Markus Jun, Daeki Lee, Scott Smiley and Corey Costa. Live stream on 4th November 4:30pm PST:

Curious about the expected milestones for ICON going forward? Here’s a comprehensive list:

ICON Go. News on the go, just for you.

Hello Iconists!

IConnect global is a proud partner of KotaniPay. Collaboratively, KotaniPay signed up for the ICON Hyperhack that has been running over the last couple of weeks. We are happy to announce that after weeks coding, we have made our submission.

KotaniPay is a financial solution that offers an…

ICON. Hyperconnecting the world.

The latest ICON Development Roadmap Update addresses the handling of a malicious attack on the network, and reports progress on the Contribution Proposal System:

The Pohang University of Science and Technology issues 293 degrees on August 29th on ICON’s blockchain certificate service, Broof:

The ICONOsphere (iBriz) team announce that they shall be working on ICON’s Contribution Proposal System:

With just over 12 days left to go, take the chance to participate in the ICON Hyperhack and stand a chance to win up to $20,000:

Token swap for those holding the ERC20 tokens to start on September 1. Here are instructions on how to make the swap:

ICX Station’s latest incubator project, Bridge, offers developers access to nonblockchain markets through its intuitive process:

Blockdevs announce planned launch of Iconpool.io for October 2020. Iconpool.io is an automated liquidity provider on ICON:

Here’s a quick guide to building on ICON. Learn how to build and stand a chance of winning up to $20,000:

The ICON Hyperhack submission has been revised to September 14th to allow for the completion of more submissions. You still stand a chance:

With vote stagnation at over 70%, be a part of change and stake more, vote more, and grow ICON:

The Revision 9 Proposal passes to allow for on-chain network upgrades for greater efficiency:

Check out how your favourite P-Reps are performing and vote:

The ICON Hyperhack is almost coming to an end. The countdown is now on. With 293 participants, look out for the end:

The ICON Foundation calls for developers to submit proposals for development of the Contribution Proposal System by the 14th of August 2020. Don’t miss out:

A reflection on…


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